There's only one health insurance good enough to be union grade.

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Find out how our tough standards provide you with a high level of care — while keeping costs down.

Empire's new PBM
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Discover the benefits and the savings of medical and pharmacy together.

Medical and pharmacy together. By combining the two, union members not only save money, they get better overall care. Our pharmacy solution is powered by IngenioRx — our new PBM built to our own standards. It helps us maximize your members’ overall health while, working closely with individuals and care providers.

Dedicated teams focus on you. For both member services and specialty pharmacy, we’re dedicated and available 24/7. Plus, our fully digital experience gives members access to their pharmacy and medical benefits. They can compare costs, get refills, schedule alerts and so much more. We don’t just meet union standards, we meet New Yorkers’ standards.

For over 85 years, Empire has met the demands of New Yorkers.

Unions work hard for their members, and we work just as hard for you. For over 85 years, our Empire team has been dedicated to your needs, and we understand the challenges you face. That’s why we make it our business to get back to you quickly with solutions specific to your needs.

We understand the special need of union members

Empire knows the challenges you face, and we can offer quick, customized solutions that work for you. We also offer savings to your fund and its members through strategies that improve health at lower cost instead of paying for the quality of service. In the end, your members will have an increased level of morale because they will be able to make smarter decisions that will improve their health in ways that can also save them money.

More benefits of being union grade:

L&T unions think favorably about you:

  • 84% are highly satisfied
  • 90% are highly likely to renew

Having a dedicated team offers:

  • Quicker problem or issue resolution
  • Customer service reps who are more familiar with specific plan details

Bottom line?

We help unions manage rising health care and pharmacy costs.

We have programs that help members engage in their own health.

We’re here to help unions deal with challenges, plus we have customer service specialists who are more familiar with plan specifics.